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March 2020

Falkland Islands

Stanley - Falkland Islands

The capital Stanley is like a mini English village, which is a bit out of place if you happened to have spent time prior in the Spanish speaking countries of either Chile or Argentina before arriving. Stanley is a maritime gateway for Antarctica & the surrounding islands. Many international fishing vessels come to Stanley; therefore, are a common sight in the local river. The museum of Stanley has an interesting collection of historical artefacts and you can easily pass a few hours in this establishment. A walk around the village won’t take you any longer than an hour at a leisurely pace. And the main street has a row of houses that is reminiscent of village buildings. The Anglican church has an arch made from whale bones in its grounds under which many people marry.  The Malvina House Hotel restaurant offers filling meals in a warm establishment. The village also offers alternative fare in the couple of pubs and bakeries.  

Outside of the capital the land is almost treeless upon a yellow coloured undulating land. Once covered in land mines thanks to the war, school children were taught how to avoid them. Thankfully by now the clearing of them should be complete.             




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